"It was an extraordinary experience and one I hadn’t expected at all. It satisfied my curiosity and several questions. I’m glad it was you who took me through it. I felt safe all the time and confident I’d be all right afterwards."

ED, Information worker, Brighton.


"I wanted to know what aspect of my lives related to my blocked creativity. What I achieved was a clear understanding of patterns where I gave my power away and sabotaged my effectiveness in the world. I promised myself not to allow this to happen again. I have recently been appointed in an exciting new job."

KM, Marketing Manager of an International Luxury Goods Co., London


"The most exciting thing was to experience my own death and face the effect it had on those left behind. It was a healing vision and gave me a comforting sense of life beyond."

ST, PR Executive, London.


"Janet took me on a journey of a lifetime. My eyes were opened up to awesome lives I would never have thought I had experienced. I feel I know my real self much better now. I floated out afterwards smiling to myself and months later I still am."

RW, Sub. Sea Engineer, Brighton.


"I found the Past Life Regression Therapy to be both physically relaxing and emotionally intense. It proved to be one the most thought provoking experiences of my life."

SM, Father, Brighton.


"Before being regressed I felt my energy was blocked. Since me sessions I have found that my creativity has flowed. Being guided by Janet through my past lives gave me a sense of why I was blocked and felt unfulfilled. I can honestly say it changed my life."

FK, Therapist, London.


"I felt that my session was a therapeutic experience in many ways and at different levels. Some of the traits from the main life that I experienced have carried over into this life and I want to incorporate the best qualities of his character into my current life."

RE, Account Administer, Brighton.


"I found the experience very helpful in coming to terms with how I have limited myself so much over the years. In fact I have perversely been my own worst enemy. The past life journey showed me this most clearly and sympathetically. I have allowed my shadow side at times to dominate and disapprove of my inner child like qualities of innocence, trust and joy. Since the session I have been working with a gentle co-existence between the two facets of myself, accepting both as equally valuable on this life’s journey. At this point all I can say is, that my life has become much richer as a result. Thank you so much for your kind and loving support."

JN, Area Manager, Petersfield.


"Thank you Janet for the truly life altering Past Life Regression session. The insights were astounding and allowed me to change my life and literally follow my dream - thanks to your session I now have the life style I dreamed of - again many thanks!"

Jane , Brighton