"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, wakes."

C.J. Jung


Do you have a problem in this life that you think might be left over from a different life?

Do you wonder where your interest in spirituality came from?

Have you just wondered if you have lived before and who you were?

Past life Regression Therapy is a way of healing the scars of the soul.

It is now an accepted fact that many physical and emotional problems have their origins in events that took place in the past. It is possible that we have lived many lives before this one.

Past Life Regression is an effective and appropriate way of finding the source of these problems and releasing them. It offers a way of freeing oneself from the unfinished business of the past.

It is also helpful to connect with your spirituality in the past and connect with your skills and abililites you have used before in previous lives to bring in your own strength and joy to empower you.


How can regression therapy help?

- Discover who you were in the past?

- Have a fuller understanding of Karmic choices?

- Uncover the lessons you have come to learn in this life?

- Create more loving relationships?

- Release phobias left over from another life?

- Let go of pain and sadness from a miscarriage or termination?

- Open your mind to mystical experiences?

- Connect with your spirituality from the past?

- Meet your guides and angels?


What can you expect during the session?

The initial session involves an interview to talk about the problem or issue and anything that needs healing from this life. During the session, which can last up to three hours, the client will go into an altered state of consciousness. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and women should wear little or no makeup.

The process is safe and gentle, but can have powerful effects. The client will be taken back in time and space to the life where the problem began. The uncovered events and memories will free you to be who you came to be.


A Session can take up to three hours and Costs: £195 per session